Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chocolate covered Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

This was just my first attempt at making Mickey Rice Krispie Treats. Why? I learned a a few things in this first attempt. The treats are not thick enough to be very sturdy so Mickey is prone to losing his ears easily. I think next time rather than spreading the Rice Krispie Treats out into a jelly roll pan and cutting them with my cookie cutter (I got this cutter at Disneyland, just in case you want to know) I will try just shoving the Rice Krispie Treats into the cookie cutter so I get a thicker Mickey cut out. My hope is that if the Mickey treats are thicker then the ears will not be as weak a point as they were in this batch. Also if the ears are not as weak a point then I can attempt dipping them in the chocolate rather than having to spread it on with a spatula (a last minute idea when I tried to pick these up to dip and realized they wouldn't survive being dipped in the chocolate).

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