Friday, April 8, 2011

Star Wars Craft Day

This week I didn't do any baking, but I did decide to try my hand at a craft project. My son has been dying to get a lightsaber but he doesn't pay a lot of attention to where he is swinging it so I was thrilled when I came across this little project for toddler friendly lightsabers made from pool noodles. I headed out to my local discount stores and dollar stores looking for pool noodles and found a store with green and blue pool noodles. Then I went to the hardware store for black and silver (shiny silver) duck tape for the hilts. I already had scissors and a blade to cut through the pool noodles with so with only the purchase of pool noodles and 2 rolls of duck tape I was ready to go.

I also found a cool set of Star Wars ReColoritz BLACK with 5 wipe-off crayons, eraser sponge, built in pop-out frame and 10 reusable Star Wars: The Clone Wars Scenes at one of the stores I visited today so I am very hopeful that my little geeklet loves his surprise when he gets home from school today. 

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