Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls (Vegan)

Last weekend I made these cinnamon rolls for my 4 year old, he is currently obsessed with cinnamon rolls. This recipe is one I stumbled upon at The Gay Vegans and given my son's current obsession with cinnamon rolls I just knew I had to try this recipe. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed these cinnamon rolls but to be honest my son was a little indifferent to them as they aren't like the ones he gets at Panera (kids can really get stuck on the most random things).

I won't lie, these took me quite a while to make, but of course I also had a few difficulties with various things like getting the yeast mixed into the water to become creamy as mine looked creamy in color but was still very watery. Maybe another time I will get this recipe to work a little better for me, but regardless these were yummy and it was nice to get to enjoy a cinnamon roll again.

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